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Testing Our Vows

It was four short years ago today that Dak and I exchanged vows under the Texas sun at the Four Seasons Resort. Our wedding was an intimate soiree with just 50 of our closest friends and family attending. But our love story started long before that. In fact, by the time we married we had already been partnered for eight years, we shared a home and a daughter (who happened to serve as the sweetest flower girl ever.) Signing our marriage certificate was the icing on the wedding cake. Our dear friend, Peter, officiated the ceremony and helped us repeat those traditional vows that we've all heard so many times before.

In sickness and in health. In plenty and in want. In success and failure. In joy and worry.

As we spoke the words aloud we never would have expected for so many of those challenges to hit us all at once. It's been about nine months since we've been dealing with some serious in sickness, want and worry. There have been some troubling times, dark days and melancholy moments. There has also been plenty of joy throughout this journey. Overall, the testing of our vows has reaffirmed our commitment to one another and our commitment to our precious girls. I expect that these challenges will allow the in health, plenty and success moments to be all the sweeter.

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I am very fortunate to have your short hair in my life.

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