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Fourward Thinking

Since the girls were born, I’ve been printing a yearly photo memory book through Shutterfly. It’s a great way to reflect and look back at the year and mark the children’s growth. It’s so easy to get caught up with life’s daily tasks and forget all the things that we’ve done in a year’s time.

I just finished our 2021. It really hit me what an emotionally packed year it was with high peaks and low valleys. The year started off with a fierce winter and an unexpected snowmageddon. In the Spring, we said goodbye to Dak’s father after his long battle with metastatic prostate cancer. During Spring I co-hosted Model with a Purpose VI in Dallas to benefit A Model Patient. We also celebrated a special Easter and Mother’s Day at the lake house. During the Summer months, we took an incredible family vacation to the Florida and the Bahamas and made precious memories with our family and friends. We also purchased a new home, which was a joyous, laborious undertaking. We brought home a new kitten that the girls absolutely adore. At the end of August, we unexpectedly lost my stepfather to a sudden heart attack. During the fall months I co-hosted two charity events for A Model Patient, Model with a Purpose VII in Birmingham, and a family dinner fundraiser in Dallas. We gathered with my mom, sister and family in Orange Beach, AL for a wonderful, non-traditional Thanksgiving celebration and we capped the year with a trip to Utah and played in the snow with in-laws and cousins.

2022 is shaping up to be the year of the four- I’m in my fourth year as a cancer survivor, soon I will be turning 40 and my family of four continues to be my greatest accomplishment. As I look forward to the next year, I plan to better count the milestones as they come and not only in reflection. Onward, upward and fourward!


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