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It's All Green to Me

On most days I view my world through rose colored glasses. Seems like the appropriate choice since pink is the official color of my (reluctant) newfound cause. For the most part, I'm pretty positive. But there are moments when I can't seem to get green out of my gaze. The grass is greener, as they say. So just imagine how much more neon, artificial turf, glorious green the other side can sometimes appear. It often feels like everyone else around me is living in electrifying, emerald ecstasy. Meanwhile, I'm still stuck on pink. Don't worry- this little pity party doesn't last very long. I swallow my envy, start counting my blessings and move on. But it will creep back up; it always does. The struggle of envy is nothing new. But the reasons I covet others has now changed. B.C. I might wish I had her car, her clothes, her zip code. A.C. it's more like I wish I had her life expectancy, her statistics, her hair. Teddy Roosevelt got it right when he proclaimed that comparison is the thief of joy. So let me grab my glasses, reclaim my joy and get back to a rosy disposition.


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