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Healing Waters

Right in the heart of East Dallas, you’ll find a gorgeous oasis. White Rock Lake is a gem in the center of an urban sprawl. As I walked this morning, I reflected on the many seasons of my life I’ve spent circling these waters. In my early 20s, before we moved to LA, I used to train here for half-marathons and duathlons. Years later when we returned to the area with our baby, Darby, I used to take leisurely strolls with the single-stroller, and later the double-stroller once Malone arrived. When I was recovering from my double mastectomy I took long walks to regain my strength and heal my body. I found camaraderie on the lake when I joined the Dallas United Crew Pink Dragonboat Team. And now, in the early mornings alone, I find peace and my moment of zen before embarking on a busy workday. Nature reminds me to stay grounded. The city skyline in the distance reminds me that I live in a great city filled with opportunity. And the other walkers I’ve come to know, with a quick wave, smile and hello, remind me to find the goodness in everything and everyone I meet.

The next seasons of life are yet untold, so I guess I'll keep taking it step-by-step.


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