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Getting Inked

For those who are just meeting me (like every mom and kid at my daughter's new school) I may look somewhat alt and edgy with my newly sprouted "do." Don't let my cool haircut fool you; I'm about as vanilla as they come. So piercings, tattoos, wild hair colors and such are generally out of my repertoire. I don't have anything against them, their just not me.

So it's funny that one question I love to ask people is, "If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and why?" My answer usually involves a black cat (I am probably the craziest cat person you've ever met who doesn't actually own a feline since my hubby is deathly allergic.) Maybe the reason this question is so interesting and entertaining to me is that you can actually learn a lot about someone through their reply. Answers often include memorializing a person or place, highlighting a major life milestone or illustrating a top priority. Body art seems to be a supremely personal decision, just one I don't think I could personally make. Lucky for me the ink I'm currently sporting is anything but permanent. There were no needles involved in this art, just your average Sharpie marker. These spiffy temporary tats are all part of my treatment plan.

Throughout this journey I have been very thoughtful, deliberate and intentional about my medical plan. I have done my research. I have spoken at length with my doctors and family about what choices are right for me. And through careful collaboration we decided that my next phase of treatment would be radiation which I started today. For the next six weeks I will check into the radiation oncology lab Monday through Friday and get zapped. The x-marks-the-spot tattoos on my body will help the radiologists know where to focus the beam of photons. My radiotherapy skin markings are probably the closest I'll ever get to having a real tattoo. Might as well wear them proudly...


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