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Since I've had to suffer through breast cancer for the last 8+ months let's just say I've been indulging in other ways. Doesn't do much good by way of achieving my perfect bikini body, but since my plastic surgeon has all but forbidden me from swimming anyway, my poolside bod hasn't really been a top priority. Also, tight swimsuits on fresh wounds seems like a generally bad idea. So I've watched a few pounds creep up on the scale, noticed my body get a little soft in spots...and I've had cellulite on the brain. I'm certainly not claiming to be overweight in any way; I would just call it "skinny fat." I wish I could tell you that I haven't been lured down the Facia Blaster wormhole via Youtube lately, but I'd be lying. So you can imagine my first reaction when the doctor diagnosed me with cellulitis Friday night. Cellu-what?

It wasn't the dreamiest of Friday nights. It was, after all, Friday the 13th. But what's much scarier than the campy horror flick I loved in my youth, is the infection now ravishing my body. By the time I spoke with the on-call physician from the cancer team at 11:00 pm my armpit was already red, extremely sore and hot to the touch. Under my lymph-node incision I felt a hard, tender lump. These days any lump or bump instantly results with a lump in my throat. Needless to say, I was terrified and feeling awful. The doctor gave me my diagnosis, called in my meds and sent me off to bed. But I couldn't rest before doing a little digging of my own. After a quick online search Dr. Google assured me that cellulite and cellulitis are actually quite different. Sounds like good news, right? Wrong. The infection I have is hopefully being tamed by strong antibiotics, but it could become more problematic. So while I take this setback in stride, I just hope that the cellulitis infection subsides quickly so I can get back to worrying about normal summer issues- like cellulite.

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My prayers are with you. Not only are you beautiful, but your wit and attitude is incredible. Your daughter is adorable. I have two daughters myself (14 months a part). They look upon life much like you. I was such a pleasure to visit you today.



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