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Be of Good Cheer

‘Tis the season for lots of clinking and cheers-ing. Have you ever noticed that in so many toasts the primary request and wish is for health then happiness. Here’s what I know. Bad health happens to good people. While I’m optimistic that this New Year will in fact be healthy, I can’t say I much like cheering for that. The reason is because I cannot control my health status. To an extent, yes, I can make good choices with food and exercise and regular check-ups but then it’s truly beyond my control after that. Happiness…now that’s something I can get behind. Health is often a circumstance. Something that happens to us, despite our best efforts. But true happiness, and better yet joy, is not fully dependent upon circumstance. What happens to me, I cannot change. How I react is different. In that I am fully empowered to feel as happy as I want to this New Year. Cheers to that!


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