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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

When I was diagnosed with cancer, one question kept coming up. Why? By all accounts I did the right things. I ate fruits and vegetables. I maintained a healthy weight. I saw my physicians regularly. I didn’t smoke. I bore children (which for women, reduces our risk factors). But all those good choices couldn’t keep cancer at bay. I now realize that those healthy habits and lifestyle choices did make a difference though- in my recovery.

One thing I appreciated about my oncologist is that she truly took a “wholistic” approach. She explained that holistic medicine alone wasn’t enough. But modern medicine, in conjunction with healthy foods, consistent exercise, and meditation could absolutely keep my body and mind strong enough to handle the journey. She was right. By following her guidance, I was able to withstand chemo without enduring the harshest reactions. After my breast surgeries, I regained my strength and flexibility by walking for miles each day and eventually adding in basic yoga poses, at her urging, to regain my flexibility.

I still struggle with restricted mobility and tightness on my right side, both permanent side-effects of radiation. Deep, gentle stretching is an important aspect of my ongoing fitness regimen. I also know that strength training is especially important for my bone health, which is impacted by my daily hormone therapy. A product I’ve been using, Gravocore, is perfect for women like me. Since my body weight is the resistance, I can get in strength training without bulky weights and intimidating equipment. It also keeps me out of a busy gym and I can even use it outdoors. In a world filled with uncertainty, it feels good to stay strong and proactive about my health. If not just for my body, for my peace of mind.


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