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Finding My Fierce

Last spring, my friend, Carrie, called me and said “A reporter from the Advocate Magazine will be calling you for an interview. It’s for their Fierce Females feature in July.” I thought, me, really? I was feeling anything BUT fierce that particular day. Since I met Carrie, she has been the ultimate cheerleader, supporter, and advocate, for me and this non-profit. We had been planning a neighborhood pop-up shop to highlight local businesses and to raise funds for A Model Patient when she first connected with the Advocate. The title of the series intimidated me. How am I fierce? What does that even mean? But as the reporter, Jaime Dunaway-Seale, skillfully pulled out my personal story, I felt empowered, emboldened, and inspired to be amongst such a highly esteemed group of local ladies. I suppose we all have a bit of fierce inside of us. Some of us use it more regularly, others sparingly, but when we need it, we can usually find it’s there.


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