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Flaunting My Badge of Honor

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

From the very beginning my husband has encouraged me to embrace my baldness as a badge of honor. After all, I am at war with the enemy cells that have invaded my body. This war has only one end that I can envision- triumph! I will not let cancer steal from me my future, raising my precious girls, growing old with the love of my life. So I will embrace my baldness and wear it proudly as a soldier wears her medals. I have rallied the troops and they are bringing meals each week, sending words of encouragement, offering to help in any way they can. I'm lucky to have an incredible medical team who have mapped out a very precise plan of attack. And we are winning! Within one week of my first round of chemotherapy, the mass in my breast has already dissolved. I know we are far from the end of this conquest, but the small victories keep me encouraged and give me the strength to keep fighting.


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