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A Model Patient is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving women around the country who are facing breast cancer. It’s a woman-to-woman, grassroots approach in order to positively and directly impact patients. A Model Patient was founded by Tara Darby Rasheta as she was facing her own breast cancer battle at the age of thirty-five. The outpouring of love and support she received from her community inspired her to start this charity. If you are A Model Patient or know of someone battling breast cancer, please reach out to us to request a gift. We will assess the needs of the patient and donate goods accordingly. Our inventory is built through donations, financial contributions and fundraising efforts. Our EIN number is 83-1050486. 


The stress of a health crisis along with the myriad of side effects a woman experiences from chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy and/or surgeries can take a toll on the body and appearance. We are proud to supply products that help women feel radiant in the midst of their challenge. Our goal is to donate makeup, skincare products, and other goodies that bring out the model in every patient.

to feel beautiful


The last thing A Model Patient needs to worry about at the end of a treatment day is preparing dinner for herself or her family. We have found that delivering a healthy meal, organizing a MealTrain or gifting restaurant or grocery gift cards provides more than just bodily sustenance; it eases her load, lifts her spirits and nourishes her soul.

to feel nourished

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Even if she’s pretty sick, that

doesn’t mean she can’t still feel

fashionable. We are proud to

bestow practical, yet stylish,

pieces that a woman can enjoy

during her cancer journey.

Scarves, head-wraps, earrings

and post-op loungewear can all help a woman feel more chic, graceful and dignified.

to feel stylish


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